Information about OceanWeb

Welcome to the SMHI OceanWeb site

OceanWeb is a tool developed at SMHI for visualising model data (forecasts primarily) and to a certain degree observational data.

OceanWeb is under the umbrella of BOOS, the international co-operation on operational oceanography in the Baltic.

In focus here are forecasts from three different operational models, producing daily 48-hour forecasts.

HIROMB is a three-dimensional operational ocean circulation model with resolution 3 and 1 nautical miles.

SWAN is a third generation wave model with resolution 11x11 km.

HIRLAM is a Short Range Weather Forecasting model forcing the ocean circulation and wave model presented here. The resolution used for this purpose is 11x11 km.

Presented under Sea Levels are also data from other institutes.

Courtesy to BSH, DAMSA, DMI and MSI for permitting use of forecasted sea level data.

Courtesy to BSH, CMR, DAMSA, DMI, FMI, LEGMA, MSI and NWAHEM for permitting use of observational data.


DMI - Danish Meteorological Institute - Copenhagen, Denmark

BSH - Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie - Germany

CMR - Centre of Marine Reserach - Klaipeda, Lithuania

DAMSA - Danish Maritime Safety Administration - Copenhagen, Denmark

FMI - Finnish Meteorological Institute - Helsinki, Finland

LEGMA - Latvian Environment, Geology, and Meteorology Agency - Helsinki, Finland

MSI - Marine Systems Institute - Tallinn, Estonia

NWAHEM - North-West Regional Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring - St.Petersburg, Russia

SMHI - Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute - Norrkoping, Sweden

BOOS - Baltic Operational Oceanographic System